Guardian Home Program

What Is a Guardian Home?

The Dream Dogs Guardian Home program was developed to help ensure that every Dream Dog parent can enjoy life with a loving family. Adopting a future Dream Dog parent and becoming a permanent Guardian Home comes with exclusive privileges, allowing participants the opportunity to own our “pick of the litter” as a family pet at a reduced price.

Dream Dog Guardians are our valued partners—we cannot grow our breeding program without them! If you meet our prerequisites and are interested in learning more, please contact us today. We can also put you in touch with other Guardian Homes so you can learn more about the experience.

Adorable puppy

Female Dream Dog Parents

Female Dream Dog parents are required to have a minimum of three litters. Beginning at age two and continuing over a two-year period, your Dream Dog will periodically spend one week with us in order to be bred. An ultrasound will be performed one month later; if your female is pregnant, she will then return to us four days prior to her due date and remain with us until her puppies are eight weeks old. Guardians are invited and encouraged to visit their Dream Dog while she is raising and weaning her pups!

Male Dream Dog Parents

Male Dream Dog parents must be made available for semen collection, evaluations and breeding; this includes 3-5 days on site with us approximately four times per year. Guardians are required to keep their Dream Dog intact until he is retired from our breeding program and neutered.

Prerequisites and Requirements for Guardian Homes

You must meet the following prerequisites and be willing and able to follow the below requirements in order to be considered for the Guardian Home program.


  • Must live within two hours driving distance of King of Prussia, PA
  • Must not have children under the age of six


  • You must be willing to follow our guidelines and recommendations set forth pertaining to care and feedings
  • You are responsible for the daily care and normal costs associated with owning a dog: food, vitamins, grooming, basic vet bills
  • The dog must be an indoor pet and you must provide regular, appropriate exercise
  • You must contact us immediately in the event of a serious illness or accident
  • You must provide veterinary care and send documentation of all vet visits to us
  • You must not allow the dog to mate with any unapproved dogs
  • You must be willing to drive the dog to our home for all testing, breeding, etc. (approx. 2-3 times a year for females)
  • You must maintain pet insurance for the duration of the guardian period
  • You must return the dog to us if you decide you no longer want to be part of the breeding program
  • You must sign a contract that outlines the terms of our agreement