breeder interacting young puppies with one another

Meet Our Breeders

Christine Egbert is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, AKC Instructor/Evaluator, Trick Dog Instructor and Avidog Breeder Associate with years of specialized experience in puppy rearing and training. Christine’s extensive experience and myriad certifications enable her to identify and evaluate the most behaviorally stable breeding dogs and to raise puppies that will pair perfectly with your family and lifestyle.

Dream Dogs by Christine was founded with one simple mission in mind—to deliver healthy, happy and behaviorally stable dogs to loving families all over the country.

The Dream Dogs Difference

Many dog breeders lack the background and necessary skillset to appropriately evaluate temperaments to determine suitability for breeding and/or how to raise puppies correctly. Consequently, this compromises the temperaments of the puppies and can create dogs with less than desired temperaments which can become very challenging and problematic.

At Dream Dogs by Christine, we understand the importance of breeding from stable temperaments and that the first eight weeks of a puppy’s life are critical. Early interactions are formative to your pet’s long-term mental and emotional wellbeing. We set our puppies up for success by not only breeding from great parents but through socializing them to a wide variety of situations and by giving you the education and tools needed to raise a puppy correctly in order to ensure your new best friend is adorable, outgoing and resilient.

Adorable puppy

What is a Dream Dog?

Our Dream Dogs are bred to be the ultimate companion and pet. They are friendly, affectionate, social, intelligent and happy-go-lucky by nature. To achieve this balance, our Dream Dog parents are selected for their exceptional health and easygoing temperaments and bred to produce people-oriented puppies who are devoted to their new families.

How Our Puppies Are Raised

Our puppies are raised in a nurturing, relaxing and stimulating environment during their first eight weeks of life in order to sculpt them into behaviorally and emotionally stable adult dogs.